Traktomizer Online Audio Analyser 4.1 Web Service for Artists and Record Labels

What Search Engine Optimisation is to Google, Traktomizer is to Algorithmic Playlist Attendants

"What I'm trying to do is give artists an edge on Subscription Music Platforms by modelling the predictable responses of Spotify, The Echonest, Pandora, YouTube, Google, Apple, etc holding sway over their next releases' potential for organic, as in, "that shit's so good it promotes itself", kind of success! For an Indie release to hold commercial value it needs to stand out like Chanel No.#5 to a recommendabot and it needs to free the artist to focus on their craft by spending less time and money on self-promotion."

Steve Freedom, Creator


Audio Mastery

Traktomizer identifies your song’s greatest strengths and weaknesses for all the audio vectors the top music platforms are trained on for appraising music. Traktomizer ranks each audio feature by its power to influence your music’s playlist appeal.

Artist Discovery

Simple but smart tweaks can significantly affect the audio vectors to which the song-suggestion-algorithms are calibrated. Every improvement in algorithmic-like-ability will have a positive knock-on effect on your song’s recommendations and longevity.


Compare your song’s audio feature qualities with every song you love and every artists you admire. Gain insight with detailed audio visualizations and dashboard gauges that highlight differences between your song and your benchmark pool.

Chartability Rating

Getting an objective measure of your song's chartability from early stages of production through completion keeps you on the right track. Traktomizer provides the opportunity to gain assurances of more visibility and auto-discovery on subscription music platforms.

Tracks & Benchmarks Your Social Activity 

Compare your level of social activity to your benchmark artists for every site and metric that counts.

Identifies Lucrative Genres, Terms, Keywords

Similar songs discovered using only your song’s audio feature vectors delivers analysis that pays.

Produces the Benchmarks Song Playlists

Traktomizer creates a playlist of 30 second song previews for your benchmark analysis pool.

Constant Production Skills Improvement

Focus on perfecting your craft by identifying your less chart-worthy traits and production skills.


What kind of information can you expect to see from Traktomizer Audio Analyser?

For around one Dollar and within three minutes, Traktomizer will produce the following reports and views - see samples below. Note actual reports are interactive and can be exported to PNG, PDF or SVG.

Music Recommendation Technologies are selecting from 50 million songs to generate 3 billion playlists per year updated daily. Is your music on the list?

Interested in using Traktomizer on a MAC? Download your free 7 day trial here. For small projects, like 4x-track EP, usually 12x Online Analysers for $10 is enough. Or simply top up when you need more. For a Single choose the 5x Analysers for $5 option then use your remaining credits whenever you like. Or talk to us about Batch Analysis for your entire music library.

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